Which Phimosis Treatment Should You Choose?

There are several well known stretching phimosis treatment methods around that are designed to help loosen the foreskin. Due to the lack of trauma, they are considered to be conservative alternatives to going through a painful circumcision. Most people decide to search for them online because they are difficult to find elsewhere.

In my case, I decided to try some stretching techniques I found on health forums. However, I found them to be painful, risky and incomplete. This may have been because these methods were not tested on most men. Although stretching foreskin can be safe, I had experienced paraphimosis several times with these incorrect methods. This is where I could not pull the skin back over the head and felt sharp ripping pain when standing up. The least discomfort was the swelling and dark lines forming on my head. This experience lead me to search for other techniques until I found one that finally worked and was not as painful.

After searching the entire internet, there was this Cure Your Tight Foreskin course that just stuck out and was recommended by Health For Men magazine. It was designed by John Rooney who had developed tightening of the foreskin in January 2007. Although he was able to fully retract his foreskin prior to this date, he could no longer do it without pain or difficulty. To make matters worse, he could not relax during intercourse because of the fear of ripping his foreskin.

He searched the internet but became frustrated as he could not receive a straight answer like most people. After seeing a doctor, he was immediately scheduled for circumcision. However, he discovered a simple technique that took 5 minutes a day and it helped him to fully retract his foreskin before his surgery date. Thankfully, he never had to go through surgery.

Personally, I had resolved my phimosis problem in little time with the correct stretching techniques. Prior to this, I failed for 2 years due to use of poor techniques, inconsistency and fear of dealing with more pain. If I had applied a good stretching phimosis treatment from the beginning, I could have retracted my foreskin much quicker. However, sometimes it is difficult to judge yourself when there is limited information about this subject.

Whatever you decide as your phimosis treatment, consider the credibility, effectiveness and duration of the treatment. My experience showed that it was best to choose something that worked on many others, was quick and least painful.

Certain stretching techniques can be time consuming to do everyday. This is why it is important to choose something simple that you can do consistently. Stretching has to be done regularly to produce long lasting results. People can stop their routine when they reach their desired goal.

Finding A Phimosis Treatment To End The Mental Battle

While there is a physical discomfort with tight foreskin, there is also a mental one. Up to a certain point you may have thought this was common and then you realized it was not. It is at this point that many men seek out a solution that will end their mental anguish. Many of them are told that circumcision will solve the problem and it does. However, this should be the last resort for many as it can be very painful for adults.

Most men do not want to go through circumcision because of the pain and continue suffering with this problem mentally. They are afraid to have intercourse or to find a partner because they are too embarrassed. In the locker room, they may be shy to take a shower or change clothes in front of other men. It is not a wonder that many develop a fear over this sort of condition.

It would not be so bad for them had they had been told about alternative solution to circumcision. There are many topical creams or stretching exercises that are suppose to help loosen tight foreskin in a short period of time. The problem is that many men are not taking action with an effective treatment. Instead, they are spending more time worrying behind closed doors. Unfortunately, this does not solve anything as only action can bring results. Even if you are able to loosen you foreskin by a little, it is still an accomplishment and shows that your phimosis treatment is working.

In my case, I had began a stretching phimosis treatment that was suppose to loosen my foreskin but I had done it all wrong. The only advice I received was to pull back my foreskin with some force. The problem with this was that it was extremely painful because I was doing it all wrong.  The techniques I found on health forums were ineffective, painful and wasted time. This experience lead me to search for other methods until I found one that worked well.

Fortunately, certain people have solved their problem in a fraction of the time by applying some good stretching techniques. I believe that men should stop the mental battle and take action with an alternative treatment (whatever that might be). I understand this mental battle that feels like imprisonment in your own mind. You always fear the other person’s reaction during intercourse or what people may think when they find out. I realized that it was best to ignore these thoughts and move forward.

My experience showed that only pulling my foreskin back did not work for me and was painful. I feel that there is no one best technique because everyone’s comfort level may be different. The author and owner of Cure Your Tight Foreskin is John Rooney and he discovered a technique that takes only 5 minutes a day.

Phimosis Treatment At Home For Men With Tight Foreskin

A phimosis treatment is designed to help men overcome a condition where they are unable to retract their foreskin. About 1.5% of men suffer significantly with phimosis and there are many more that put up with it. There could be many reasons for this condition but is usually due to the way males are born. While your doctor may suggest circumcision as an option, what if you wanted to keep your foreskin intact while being able to retract it?

This is where some men become extremely frustrated and attempt to retract their foreskin at all costs. While this is a completely understandable reaction, it can cause paraphimosis. The reverse problem occurs because men are not able to put back the pulled foreskin. It is rather painful, scary and can accidentally happen during intercourse. This instant stretching of the skin is temporary and can result in itchiness or strong sensitivity the following day.

There are also many who suffer with such tight foreskin that they are straining and only dribbling when urinating. Due to the fact that men are unable to clean the internal part of their foreskin, it increases the risk of recurring infections. Without a proper treatment, some men will continue to experience these problems during intercourse and could become frustrated. The most embarrassing part for most men is when they are unable to properly clean themselves. Thus, the unpleasant odour makes it uncomfortable for their partner.

The result of infections is the most uncomfortable and is why some men decide to become circumcised. However, this is definitely not the only option and is considered to be the most painful. While there is a debate about the best method, you may want to try many alternatives that have worked for other men. For example, there are certain phimosis treatments that involve stretching exercises which have shown to significantly loosen tight foreskin over time.

It is uber important to get educated and learn the proper methods so that you can prevent making painful mistakes. The last thing any man would want is to have to deal with paraphimosis where it can cause pain, swelling, and restrict the blood flow which causes the head to become dark purple.

The severity of the person’s problem can determine the proper alternative treatment with circumcision being the last resort. In my personal case, I used a stretching phimosis treatment where I would perform certain exercises to loosen the tightness of my foreskin. However, I did make an initial mistake of pulling back too early and caused paraphimosis. Therefore, it important to use an effective at home phimosis treatment (if you choose) that will cause the least amount of pain.

Circumcision can be extremely painful for an adult or young adult and some men would prefer to keep their foreskin intact. If you are looking for an alternative phimosis treatment to circumcision, you may want to consider the highly popular Cure Your Tight Foreskin course. This phimosis treatment claims to loosen your foreskin using special stretching exercises.